Inflatable tent for decontamination (Losberger RDS-Franta)

  • Compact tent with inflatable structure for emergency services use as decontamination system with quick installation
  • Compact, lightweight, durable
  • Quick and easy installation: the cylinder with compressed air (1-2 min.) or a compressor for 2 persons in 5 minutes
  • Generous interior space: no vertical column
  • Showers system preinstalled: partitionable space for women, men, wounded person or on stretchers
  • Modularity: the possibility to connect with other structures produced by Eurovinil through modules and route corridors to create a system of mass decontamination
  • Easily transported: 1 m3
  • Material: special PVC, which reduces the effect of solar radiation

Personnel decontamination complex stations  (Cristanini -Italia)

Multifunctional decontamination station, which provides simultaneous decontamination of female, male and injured persons, with a capacity of decontamination of> 150 pers / h

The tent has three compartments, each of them having three lines of decontamination (women / men / persons injured). Separation elements between compartments and decontamination lines are fixed to the pneumatic and rises along with it. All these elements are configured / installed so as to ensure effective separation of compartments (undressing / decontamination / dressing), preventing cross-contamination.

Tent and all its accessories (shower, wastewater drain pump, tanks, etc.) are made from advanced materials, respecting the most stringent quality requirements. Decontamination stations and the component elements possess NSN.

TSDM- Modular system for steam decontamination (Cristanini –Italia)

Modular system as a tent, with steel frame for personnel decontamination  and serving special vehicle for decontamination with steam of weapons, masks, protective suits and decontamination techniques.

Showers Tunnel (Cristanini-Italia)

Automatic system for adjusting the water-decontamination product mixture  for each output.

Complete system with collection tank and drain pump for contaminated water.

Portable showers systems (Cristanini-Italia)

Showers system with simultaneous use of 8 decontamination stations. Automatic dosing of the decontamination product for each output.