SCIM® stands for “Sensor Connectivity Information Management” and is a software hub that provides sensor connectivity to multiple sensor types and brands in a single and effective display.

Key Features:

  • Sensor Connectivity
    • Interfaces to sensors
    • Decodes data from sensors
  • Sensor Monitoring
    • Analyze data from sensors
    • Shows the current status of connected sensors
    • Provides sensor control: off, online, mode, settings, etc.
  • Logging
    • Continuous storage of all sensor log events
    • Archiving of log data
  • Alarming
    • Notify operator(s)
    • Submit alarm and report to CBRNe Management software

Operationally Fielded

Bruhn NewTech sensor integration solutions are in operational use with several nations throughout the world. The solutions are also used on Remotely Operated Vehicle platforms used by nations such as Singapore and Portugal.

Sensor Connectivity

The system allows collection of sensor data and formatting of that data into standard CBRN messaging for further dissemination via most built-in communication applications. The software enables the capture of sensor data that can then be transmitted for further investigation. SCIM® is future-proofed as it allows any sensor or instrument to be replaced or added as technology advances.

Vendor Independent

SCIM® interfaces to any sensor from any manufacturer. More than 41 sensors have been interfaced already and additional sensors will be integrated on request. As customers often combine sensors to find the best mix for their requirement, a single monitoring system is preferred as the best possible solution.

Sensor Simulation

Training software is available for the simulation of sensor data output. This provides a cost-effective alternative to fulfilling the requirements of operator training. The application can simulate alarm and fault readings from any sensor to allow realistic operational training.