Hazkey provides a portable solution for the purpose of CBRNe Hazard Warning and Reporting and Sensor monitoring.

Key Features:

  • Client choice of Bruhn NewTech Hazard Prediction software
  • Ruggedized Tablet Laptop
  • Standard fit of GPS and weather sensor
  • Control unit with variable power supply
  • Associated cables and connections
  • Rugged case with custom internal fittings
  • Communication of Sensor data via Wireless or Fibre Optic cable
  • Multiple Integration of CBRNe Sensors or Instruments

Durable and Flexible

HazKey® can be easily transported and operated from a variety of mobile platforms, due to the resilience of the pack and build standard. The system does not need to be permanently fixed; therefore it provides commanders and operators with a greater flexibility to manage incidents. HazKey® has the added benefit of being self-contained and fully deployable within minutes of arriving at the scene of an incident. It can operate from its own internal 12v DC re-chargeable power supply or a 12/24v vehicle power supply, plus 12/24v DC External or 110/240 AC.

Operationally Fielded

The system is in use by several nations throughout the world including the Netherlands Government on a daily basis for national security operations. HazKey was used in the 2012 London Olympics as part of the Multi- Agency initial Incident Assessment Team (MAIAT) under the direction of Dorset Police for the Olympic sailing venue. The system provided stand-off detection capability as well as mobile CBRN scene assessment.

Scene Assessment

The system has been designed to meet the exacting requirements of CBRNe Scene Assessment using Warning and Reporting protocols to achieve effective Prediction and Protection of both the Incident Commanders and First Responders. The system also provides the operator with the ability to carry out steady state monitoring, incident warning and reporting with the capacity to produce CBRNe hazard templates and sensor data for scientific support.