A fire that develops inside any infrastructure (whether fixed or mobile platforms) requires a delicate and dangerous intervention, not only for the operator, but also for the safety of the infrastructure.

The WJFE 300 High Pressure System makes such a situation considerably less dangerous, by allowing the operator to rapidly operate from the outside of the place where the fire developed.

The WJFE300 allows:

  • 1. the opening of a small hole in fire stop or stainless steel walls by means of a special lance with a high pressure water jet and abrasive mix.
  • 2. With the same lance, after the opening, the introduction in a room where the fire has developed of a fine mist water of high efficacy.

The water drops of the mist have a Ø of approx 10-20 µ. This allows an extremely high surface of thermal exchange, thus lowering the temperature quickly

This system highly reduces the damage that, normally, is created using useless large volumes of water.

1 Maximum pressure
5075 psi
350 bar
35 Mpa
2 Maximum flow at 350 bar 5,8 gpm
22   l/min
3 Supporting structure Stainless steel
4 Diesel engine power (air cooling) - RPM / kW 3000 / 14
5 NATO Electrical socket for starting with an auxiliary battery
in emergency
6 Type of fuel (diesel engine) Diesel or JP8 or Kerosene
7 Pump piston material Aluminium oxide with titanium crystals
8 Safety valve on the high pressure circuit YES
9 Thermal safety valve to protect the pump piston seals YES
10 Weight of WJFE 300 Modular without accessories 127,5 Kg
281.1 lb
11 Hooks for heli-transport YES
12 Capacity of fuel tank 20 l
5.2 US gal.
13 Functioning up to 2500 m. (8200 ft) above sea level YES
14 Fuel consumption (diesel engine) 3,7 kg/h
8.1 lb/h
15 Water pump N. 3 pistons made in aluminium
oxid with titanium crystals
16 Piston guide Aisi 416 stainless steel
17 Connecting rods brass
18 Crankshaft Hardened stainless steel,
18 Ni-Cr-Mo 5
19 Delivery/suction valves Conical seat, AISI 416 stainless steel.
Seat in AISI 304 stainless steel.
Water passage crosssection: 95 mm2
20 Used additives It can use the F500 product
21 Need of lance shoulder repercussion NO
Reaction of 150 Newton max
22 Machine dimensions
L x W x H
900 x 560 x 600 mm
35x24x22 in
23 “Water-jetting abrasive” mode YES
24 “Water mist” mode (water nebulisation) YES
25 “Foam mist” mode (foam nebulisation) with 1÷3% YES
26 Cutting nozzle made with sintered carbides YES
27 Capacity of the tank (reservoir) of the abrasive 3,5 Kg
7.7 lb
28 Continuous operation in "cutting" mode 1÷1,5 min.
29 Adjustment of the abrasive suctioned YES
30 Time for the replacement of the abrasive tank (reservoir) 5 sec
31 Abrasive grain size 0,25÷1,5 Ø mm
0.01÷0.06 Ø in.
32 Lance weight (with full tank) 9,5 Kg
21 lb
33 Lance weight (empty) < 6 Kg
< 13,2 lb
34 Lance length 1320 mm
51,9 in
35 Time required to drill carbon metal sheet 5 mm thickness in 30 sec
10 mm thickness in 55 sec
36 Abrasive consumption 3,5 Kg/min
7.7 lb/min